Yes, you do have a sixth sense, but you probably didn't realize it. The term "interoception" describes the information your brain receives from your body's senses. It informs the brain of the condition of the body's internal organs and processes. Across your body, organs, hormones, and the immune system are constantly sending and receiving messages. Understanding how the body is functioning within is made possible through the interception process. Common examples include the growling sound made by your stomach when its empty. The sensation of thirst when your body is dehydrated. The need to urinate when your bladder is full, or, that you yawn when your body is physically exhausted. These are all signs that your body is trying to get your attention so it can tell you what's going on within. Sadly, when we get these warning signs or indicators, we ignore them. Our interoception also alerts us to when our body is stressed.

If you are going to improve your interoception, there are few steps that you should take! The first step is self-awareness, or the realization that you have this sense. When you learn to recognize your interoceptive sense, you may start listening to the cues your body is sending you. Interoception may also be enhanced by regular yoga practice. It combines physical exercise with meditation to help you tune in to your body and decipher its messages. Yoga comes in a wide variety of forms, making it easy to discover a practice that works for you. Another way is by paying attention when your body is stressed. Our bodies react to stress by speeding up the heart rate, breathing rate, and tightening our muscles. When you notice this, respond by creating down time, and doing things to relax. When you start listening to your body, your body will start listening to you!